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“Tawny Lara is an entrepreneur, writer and public speaker. She’s the founder of SobrieTea Party™ and Readings on Recovery™ and an award-winning filmmaker of her recovery documentary, Fixed Up. She's also the co-host (along with previous podcast guest and all-around bad ass Lisa Smith) of the hot new podcast Recovery Rocks podcast.

But she's also someone who started documenting her sobriety journey from the beginning. With so many people out there wanting to tell their story but scared to jump into the fray, Tawny serves as the perfect example of someone just getting out there, making her mark and, well...rocking it.

In this episode, we talked about growing up as a rocker, what to tell people who are thinking of sharing their stories and our random meeting at a Macklemore concert, among many other topics.”

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8 Ways Sex Changes When You’re Sober - HuffPost

“My sex life drastically changed when I got sober. As a binge drinker, I frequently had sex with people who didn’t respect me. I often slept with my male friends aka drinking buddies, convincing myself that those 2 a.m. texts were a prelude to romance and love. I rarely had sex sober, even when in a relationship. Now that I’m booze-free (and in therapy), I’ve gained some much-needed self-respect and no longer engage in those behaviors.”

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The 405 Exchange: Tawny Lara on Confronting Addiction and Therapy

Addiction is one of the most common experiences people will face, yet is still one of the taboo things to be discussed openly. Thank fuck for writer Tawny Lara, who speaks with an infectious candour that’d make Keith Richards blush. Lara contributes to the Huffington Post and is the founder of SobrieTea Party. Throughout her writing, Lara muses about her experiences regarding alcoholism, dating, anxiety, therapy, and more.

Ken Grand-Pierre spoke to Lara about confronting addiction through introspection, dealing with anxiety and depressing through therapy, the cloudiness of dating, and upcoming projects. Check out their conversation here.

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