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Tawny is an NYC-based writer, public speaker, entrepreneur, and event producer who’s passionate about smashing stigmas associated with both sexuality and sobriety. Her words have been published in Playboy, Huffington Post, Audiofemme, The Temper, SheSaid, XOJane, Recovery Campus, and NY Yoga & Life Magazine. She is currently seeking representation for her memoir, Sober Sex. Tawny has shared her recovery story on stages all across the world: IOGT World Congress, New York State Recovery Conference, United Federation of Teachers, and more.

In addition to writing and public speaking, she’s the founder of the Readings on Recoveryreading series, SobrieTea Party blog and events, and the hashtag #altsober. She’s also the co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast with Lisa Smith, charity volunteer with Road Recovery, and an award-winning filmmaker of the recovery documentary, Fixed Up. When she’s not working on all of the things, she’s doing yoga or eating tacos - sometimes simultaneously.

In addition to Tawny’s 80+ self-published blog posts that have documented her sobriety journey since 2015 on SobrieTeaParty.com, her other published writing can be found below:


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