Sober Dating, Sex, and Relationships 101

Live AMA with Tawny Lara. Have you ever taken a shot of whiskey to curb those first date jitters, desperately waiting for the liquid courage to kick in? I have. It wasn't until my 30th birthday that I decided to take a step back, stop binge drinking, and figure out what I actually wanted from a date or a romantic relationship. But then all of a sudden I had a problem: How do I date, let alone have sex, now that I’m sober?

This workshop provides attendees with sober dating tips like (1) Where to go on said dates (2) When to "come out" as sober to your date (3) How to present your sobriety on a dating app (4) A resource guide with sober dating apps.

Date & Time: October 1, 2021, 6:00 pm EST

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Readings on Recovery™ is a large-scale production that follows the format of a reading series – only it’s so much more. This *free*, curated event series where individuals are given the platform to share what recovery means to them. Performers are encouraged to express themselves however they feel comfortable whether it be through personal essay, stand-up comedy, poetry, live music, or dance. Our events cover topics from substance abuse to technology addiction to eating disorders to dysfunctional relationships to coming out stories and more. The goal of this series is to show that we are all recovering from something whether we identify as an addict or not.