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Tawny has been featured in Refinery29, HuffPost, Men's Health, Shameless Sex, Man Repeller, and much more on the topics of sex, sobriety, rock n roll, & tacos…           

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Dry dating: The rise of sober love and sex


The 29 Best Motivational Podcasts, So You Can Kinda Get Your Life Together


Sobriety Makes Our Sex Life So Much Hotter


Life After Alcohol

Talking to Friends and Family About Your Drinking


15 Sober Women to Follow on Instagram


8 Ways Sex Changes When You're Sober

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The Joy of (Sober) Sex

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Sober Sex

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Alex Meets Tawny

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Sex, Sobriety, & Rock n Roll

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Sobriety & Rock n Roll

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Spilling the SobrieTEA


The Cheugy & The Proud


9 Tips to Take Your Handjobs to the Next Level

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Sex & Dating

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Recovery Rocks


These 5 People Shared Their Most Unbelievable Stories


How to Identify and Help End 7 LGBTQIA+ Health Disparities

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Alcohol Addiction & Mental Health

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Sober is Sexy

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Thank You For Coming Out

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Tawny's Recovery

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Confronting Addiction & Therapy

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Sex & Sobriety

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"Re(Pro) #44: Tawny Lara"

"An Interview with a Recovery Blogger"

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Sexuality, Vulnerability and Confidence

"The Non-Traditional Recovery"

"Tawny Lara from SobrieTea Party"

Let’s Talk About Sex, Sobriety, and Rock n Roll with the Fabulous New York Based Writer Tawny Lara

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Quitting Drinking Cold Turkey

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Sex: The Good, The Bad, and The Bi 


Let's do stuff !

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Naturally High


Finding the Right Label For Your Child's Identity Helps Them Feel Seen


One of Tawny's podcasts, f*cking sober, WON the 2021 Webby Awards for Best Writing! This is their acceptance.

(Fun fact:They were also nominated for Best Limited Series.)

Tawny Lara's documentaryFixed Up, won "Best Hope Film" at the 2018 New Jersey Recovery Film Festival. This short documentary follows two sober women, B.Rae Perryman and Tawny Lara, as they discuss their past issues with substance abuse and mental illness.

Readings on Recovery is a reading series founded by Tawny Lara that gives New Yorkers the platform to share their recovery stories through personal essays, poetry, dance, stand-up, or anything else that helps them express themselves. For more info, head to

June's Readings on Recovery was PRIDE-themed in honor of celebrating the LGBT+ community. One of Tawny's top priorities at SobrieTea Party is providing safe spaces for the sober/sober curious LGBT+ community.

Tawny Lara moderated Club Soda's panel about Sober Dating, Sex, and Intimacy for the Mindful Drinking Festival in July of 2020.

Take a peek as Tawny Lara joins American Addiction Centers' 4th episode of their series, "Addiction Talk."

Tawny Lara shares with Thomas Russell from iHeart Radio's "Life Without Limits" her story of how she made the courageous decision to stop drinking and the challenging journey of being sober.

Tawny Lara sits down with Monument Live and Sabrina Spotorno to talk about all things sex & sobriety. 

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