Recovery Rocks is co-hosted by recovery advocates Lisa Smith, a rock and roll-loving Gen X lawyer in 12-step recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and Tawny Lara, an equally rock-obsessed Millennial writer who found addiction recovery through blogging. Give them a couple microphones and you get the Recovery Rocks podcast, a new kind of discussion about the issues impacting those who struggle and recover, reflecting different perspectives, but finding much in common.

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Tawny Lara is the Developmental Editor and Publicist for the Webby Award-Winning podcast, F*cking SoberF*cking Sober is the unflinching first person narrative of Anita Drake’s first 90 days of getting sober in NYC.  Twenty-eight-year-old Anita counts from 1 to 90 days immersing herself into the awkward world of sobriety and what it means to grow up. This 8 episode serialized show features music by artists in recovery.  

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